A collaboration of the
BFE with Cisco
Der intelligente Stromzähler - Smart Grid Academy
The intelligent electricity meter is coming.
We show you how to profit from it.
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Smart Grid Academy - Angebote für E-Handwerk und Energieversorger
The intelligent electricity meter is coming.
Training for professionals of tomorrow.
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Smart Grid Academy - Angebote für Bildungsinstitute, Lehrer und Studenten
The intelligent electricity meter is coming.
New education for new careers.
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Contribute to future power distribution.

In order for the energy transition to succeed and to secure the power supply, modernizing the power distribution system is absolutely necessary.
Fortunately, modernization has already started.

By 2020, about 40 million Smart Meters should be installed in Germany.


Together we will promote the Smart Grid Project

The Smart Grid Academy supports the development of an intelligent power distribution system with a sophisticated learning program, providing both theoretical expertise and practical competence.

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Die Smart Grid Academy bietet Weiterbildungsangebote für Bildungseinrichtungen, Lehrkräfte und Studenten
Die Smart Grid Academy bietet Weiterbildungsangebote für E-Handwerker und Energieversorger

How you get in touch with the smart grid?

Educational institutions, instructors and studentsRegister for free more information
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Die Smart Grid Academy bietet ein komplettes Lernprogramm

What is the importance of the Smart Grid Project for me?

Intelligent power distribution links the traditional electrician trade with the current distribution and information technology. Qualified specialists in both work fields were deployed for advice, planning and formation.

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Die Smart Grid Academy vermittelt Fachkenntnisse und praktische Kompetenzen

How does the Smart Grid Academy
help me?

The Smart Grid Academy provides you with relevant information for initial and continued training in your working environment. The Smart Grid Academy learning program prepares your company, personnel and apprentices for the future. Students, teachers and educational institutions obtain free access to current learning materials.

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Die Smart Grid Academy ist eine Kooperation vom BFE und von Cisco

Who is the Smart Grid Academy?

The Smart Grid Academy is a cooperative project between the largest electrician school in Germany and the worldwide leading suppliers of distribution technology.

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